Biysk factory of glass-fibre reinforced plastics
+7 (3854) 442-444; 448-000
Products for coil-mining industry
Products for oil extraction industry

Mineral production

Biysk factory of glass-fibre reinforced plastics is engaged in manufacturing and supplying commercial articles for oil-production enterprises.  
Glass-fibre reinforced plastic pumping rods are intended for translation of motion from beam pumping units to plunger sucker-rod pumps.
Shaft lining anchors are used for wall bolting of development, permanent and second mine openings, wall face bolting, soft soil nailing and deep anchor laying applications.

60/1, Leningradskaya Street, Biysk,
Altay Region, 659316 Russia
Tel./fax: +7 (3854) 448-000, 450-283