Biysk factory of glass-fibre reinforced plastics
+7 (3854) 442-444; 448-000

Power industry

One of the BF key activity areas is production of glass-fibre reinforced plastic rods and pipes used as a part of polymer electrical insulators. Technology developed by factory experts allows to manufacture products having uniform monolithic-type structure, high electrical and mechanical properties as well as precise dimensions. Surface of the products is characterised by good adhesive properties. Rods and pipes used as a part of polymer electrical insulators function as central members and insulating elements subjected to mechanical and electrical (high voltage) loads. Currently, the company makes the following products: glass-fibre reinforced plastic rods for polymer insulators 12 to 80 mm in diameter along with glass-fibre reinforced plastic pipes for base and lead-in insulators 50 to 500 mm in diameter.

60/1, Leningradskaya Street, Biysk,
Altay Region, 659316 Russia
Tel./fax: +7 (3854) 448-000, 450-283