Biysk factory of glass-fibre reinforced plastics
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Company profile

BF LLC places a strong emphasis on production of polymer composites for various sectors of industry:

  • Construction
  • Glass-fibre reinforced plastic rebars for concrete reinforcement;  
  • Energy efficient heat insulation fasteners for:
    • face heat-insulation systems;
    • thermally efficient multi-layer brickwork;
    • thermally efficient sandwich blocks;
    • reinforced concrete sandwich slabs;
    • flat roofs.
  • Glass-fibre reinforced plastic tie bolt for the formwork;
  • Complex-shaped glass-fibre reinforced plastic pipes.
  • Power industry
  • Mineral production
  • Glass-fibre reinforced plastic shaft lining anchor;
  • Glass-fibre reinforced plastic pumping rod.
  • Consumer products


Current construction technologies in Russian Federation would hardly be feasible without application of heat-insulating materials. BF LLC manufactures unique energy efficient fasteners used to fix the heat insulation layer in various face, roof and sandwich systems. Since 1999 these products have been proved to be compliant with the most stringent requirements specified by construction industry experts.

Power industry

One of the BF key activity areas is production of glass-fibre reinforced plastic rods and pipes used as a part of polymer electrical insulators. Technology developed by factory experts allows to manufacture products having uniform monolithic-type structure, high electrical and mechanical properties as well as precise dimensions. Surface of the products is characterised by good adhesive properties. Rods and pipes used as a part of polymer electrical insulators function as central members and insulating elements subjected to mechanical and electrical (high voltage) loads. Currently, the company makes the following products: glass-fibre reinforced plastic rods for polymer insulators 12 to 80 mm in diameter along with glass-fibre reinforced plastic pipes for base and lead-in insulators 50 to 500 mm in diameter.

Mineral production

Biysk factory of glass-fibre reinforced plastics is engaged in manufacturing and supplying commercial articles for oil-production enterprises.    
Glass-fibre reinforced plastic pumping rods are intended for translation of motion from beam pumping units to plunger sucker-rod pumps.  
Shaft lining anchors are used for wall bolting of development, permanent and second mine openings, wall face bolting, soft soil nailing and deep anchor laying applications.

Consumer products

BF LLC successfully entered the field of development, production and wholesale trade in sport fishing requisites made of composite materials, demonstrating stable rates of growth. Company success is driven by proprietary high-performance technology for continuous reeling of composite glass-fibre reinforced plastic products. Company’s product range includes "KATUN", "SIBERIA" and "ALTAI" telescopic fishing rods, "BEAR" multi-piece spinning rods of various types by length and casting weight, boat and ice fishing rods, oars, ski poles, downhill ski poles, 75 mm ski binding systems, ice hockey sticks. The company offers only highly reliable best value for money products. BF LLC is the sole Russian manufacturer of glass-fibre reinforced plastic fishing rods and ski poles! 

60/1, Leningradskaya Street, Biysk,
Altay Region, 659316 Russia
Tel./fax: +7 (3854) 448-000, 450-283